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In the Free State of Bavaria, around 3,000 employees of the Bayerische Staatsforsten deal with the business management of state woodland stretching over 800,000 hectares. Administering such a large area requires substantial logistics. So foresters, forestry commissioners and other staff are supported by the robust Panasonic TOUGHBOOK tablets when working in the field
En équipant ses 29 000 collaborateurs à travers le monde du nouveau TOUGHBOOK de Panasonic (Windows 10 Pro), Centrica a propulsé l’excellence de son service vers le cloud et transformé le quotidien de ses équipes. Aujourd’hui, les ingénieurs de terrain utilisent des applications modernes sur des terminaux connectés afin d’améliorer le service client et d’optimiser leur efficacité.


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DP World, a leading enabler of global trade and an integral part of the supply chain, is using Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged notebooks and tablets to transform productivity and customer service at its busy Southampton terminal operation.
TOUGHBOOK M1 tablets are essential assistants for Dicle Elektrik teams in the field with superior performance even under the most challenging conditions. Its screen is easily readable in sunlight and operational when wearing gloves, while its battery has high capacity, a long lifecycle and hot-swap capabilities. The device also offers critical connection options.