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Vauxhall and Panasonic ProServices partner to deliver the UK’s first Mobile Police Station in a patrol car for Hertfordshire Constabulary

Vauxhall Special Vehicles provides more than 2,500 specialist vehicles a year to emergency service departments around the country. The organisation has a team of 60 specialists working in design, procurement, manufacturing and materials management to ensure that police, fire and ambulance crews receive vehicles perfectly equipped to their unique requirements.

So when Hertfordshire Police wanted to revolutionise its policing for patrol cars with the latest mobile technology to enable officers to be more effective and spend more time in the community, they turned to Vauxhall Special Vehicles and Panasonic and its professional services team, ‘ProServices’.

The police force wanted to deploy the latest Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 tablets in 170 of its Vauxhall police cars to effectively provide officers with access to a mobile police station.

Recognised by Government

Hertfordshire Constabulary is the first force to make use of the ground-breaking technology. Using the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 rugged tablet, officers can securely access command and control systems, carry out database checks as well as access all their desktop applications for email, web and the intranet. The initiative has been visited and hailed by Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May as the future of policing.

“Hertfordshire wanted a turnkey solution for the deployment of the tablets in the vehicles and obviously their primary concern was to ensure the health and safety aspects of adding the devices and docking stations to the vehicles was fully covered,” explained Dick Ellam, Manager at Vauxhall Special Vehicles UK & Ireland.

Hertfordshire had already decided that the Panasonic Toughpad tablet was their device of choice, so Vauxhall and Panasonic ProServices worked together in order to provide the complete solution.

“We decided that installing a docking station for the tablets in the glove box of the cars would be the most efficient way to install the solution and meet the relevant vehicle manufacturer’s crash test criteria and European safety regulations,” said Dick. While docked, the Panasonic Toughpad with the latest Windows 8 operating system is accessed via a touchscreen display in the cabin of the vehicle. With a powerful antenna fitted in the vehicle and 4G connectivity, police officers have access to high speed internet from both inside the vehicle and up to 100m away from the vehicle.


Design and testing collaboration

Vauxhall shared its vehicle specifications with the Panasonic ProServices specialist team of in-house CAD designers and manufacturers in order for them to create a docking station to meet the unique needs of the police officers and the vehicle. The compatible touchscreen display and communication elements of the solution were then sourced.

The docking station solution was tested in Panasonic ProServices’ own test labs to ensure it met all necessary health and safety requirements as a stand alone solution. Once installed in the vehicles, the patrol cars were then also tested at Vauxhall’s crash test facilities to meet all European car safety regulations.

Revolutionising policing

Vauxhall and the Panasonic ProServices team have now installed the solution into 100 new patrol cars and retrofitted the system to 70 vehicles.

“The feedback has been staggering,” said Detective Chief Inspector Damien Kennedy. “Officers are telling us that this is the best piece of technology for policing in the past 10 years. We are overwhelmed with anecdotal stories about how the device has helped find missing people with dementia, retrieve stolen vehicles and fight crime. The Toughpad tablets and related technology are enabling us to help the community and prevent and detect crime in ways that have never been possible before.”

Dick Ellam, at Vauxhall Special Vehicles, is confident that this collaboration is just the first of many to come. “This is the first time that a consortium of specialist companies has come together to develop and deploy revolutionary technology solutions for a police authority, all purchased as a turnkey solution through a single main supplier such as Vauxhall. This whole industry is only just emerging as police forces go truly mobile and Vauxhall and Panasonic are at the forefront of it,” he concluded.

About Panasonic ProServices

Panasonic ProServices offers customised solutions to maximise the power of Toughbook or Toughpad devices, allowing your mobile workforce to realise ultimate productivity anywhere, at any time and without interruption.

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