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Veikkaus is using Toughpad

Catégorie: Accessories

Vidéo de la solution de dématérialisation de documents avec Solstice d'Actemium

Video of Actemium’ Solstice solution: dematerialise your documents

Catégorie: Accessories
Catégorie: Accessories
Engineers at BAE Systems have begun to use Panasonic Toughpad tablets to offer a quicker, smarter and more intuitive way of servicing Typhoon jets, the world’s leading combat aircraft. The engineers at its Lancashire base are using the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 tablet to complement the aircrafts' onboard health management systems. Before and after every sortie, the aircraft performs its own 'health check' and presents a series of findings onto the Maintenance Data Panel, located on the side of the aircraft. Engineers analyse this information and conduct a series of checks, in parallel with the pilot's pre-flight cockpit checks, to ensure the aircraft is safe and fit for flight.