Études de cas

Découvrez comment les solutions de Panasonic Security Solutions sont utilisées dans le secteur. Lisez et téléchargez nos dernières études de cas ci-dessous.

Challenge: improve security for inhabitants and visitors of Nitra Solution while combining rotating and static IP cameras with HD and full HD video resolution
Catégorie: CCTV
Secteurs: Public Sector & Institutions, Government, Public Safety
As part of a major renovation, the housing association Korskærparken in Fredericia, Denmark, updated and optimised their video surveillance system, creating a greater sense of security for residents.
Catégorie: CCTV
Secteurs: Retail, Supermarkets
Jumbo Ten Brink Food Stores in the Netherlands installed Panasonic security cameras and a facial recognition server as part of their commitment to their ‘zero tolerance shoplifting policy.’
Three Panasonic security cameras were used to live stream shark and fish tanks at the Haus des Meeres aquarium in Vienna.
Catégorie: CCTV
Secteurs: Retail, Retail Outlets, Retail Outlets, Chain Stores & Other Retail
Sécurité et qualité d'image vs. travaux d'installation, coûts d'exploitation et influences optiques.