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Harness the power of Android in the enterprise

COMPASS offers everything you need to securely configure, deploy and manage your Panasonic Android rugged devices. TOUGHBOOK android devices are certified by Google as Android Enterprise Recommended. So you can benefit from the complete flexibility of Android OS, whilst having peace of mind that your devices are kept completely secure and enterprise ready.

With base-level security, configuration and management tools as standard, plus a variety of optional add-ons available, you can build a tailored suite of tools that meets your business’ exact requirements.

The standard COMPASS suite

Our out-of-the-box enterprise-ready Android management toolkit

Panasonic COMPASS is our out-of-the-box device management solution, provided as standard with any Android TOUGHBOOK device. It gives you complete control for the lifecycle of your technology.

The standard COMPASS suite

Ongoing security patches

At least twice a year, past the end of Google’s standard support.


OS Road map clarity

Panasonic will give you a clear road map of operating system and security update availability for your chosen Android TOUGHBOOK device.


Panasonic Rapid Configuration tool (PaRC)

Simple and scalable, on-the-go device staging.


Manage and configure TOUGHBOOK settings from within your Enterprise Mobility Management system (EMM).


Enterprise launcher

Lock down devices so only certain apps and functions can be accessed.


Keyboard wedge

Configure barcode reader settings to be able to send read data to any application.

Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA)

Automate, manage, and configure firmware updates.


Hardware Diagnostics and Remote Logging

Remotely capture and share issue logs for troubleshooting.


Secure Third-Party Application signing

Digitally sign apps to execute Android-protected and privileged commands.

Application Programming Interfaces (API)

Control and manage hundreds of device settings from another application or MDM/EMM.


Software Development Kits (SDK)

Interface with hardware and take control of user experience from other applications.


Enterprise Reset

Reset devices to a previously provisioned state.

Your choice of additional COMPASS options

Your choice of additional COMPASS options

For more support across your fleet of Android TOUGHBOOK devices, you can mix and match from our range of additional options.

Custom Android build

Customised versions of the Google Mobile Services (GMS) and non-GMS operating systems, deployed across your devices.


COMPASS Security Premium

Choose between our standard and premium security plans – read more below.

Accidental Damage Warranty

Protection against all accidents for up to 5 years, to eliminate out-of-warranty repair charges.
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Custom software and application development and deployment.

TOUGHBOOK Smart Essentials

Device agnostic, Enterprise Mobility Intelligence ® from Panasonic, providing real-time insight on device and battery health and performance in the field.
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COMPASS Security Premium

Android long-term support

Panasonic COMPASS is our out-of-the-box device management solution, provided as standard with any Android TOUGHBOOK device. It gives you complete control for the lifecycle of your technology.

COMPASS Security Premium

COMPASS Security Premium

2 security patches per quarter (approx. every 45 days).

Continues for up to 3 years after product end of life. A clear road map will be provided to you on request.


Can be extended for an additional 2 years on a project basis.

Available as part of COMPASS Complete bundle or purchase separately.





Total peace of mind for your TOUGHBOOK Android devices

COMPASS Complete is an all-inclusive, all-encompassing warranty and security package to keep your TOUGHBOOK Android devices always running at peak performance.

What’s included?

Full accidental damage warranty cover – for complete peace-of-mind.

96-hour repair turnaround – minimum downtime, maximum productivity.

COMPASS Security Premium – enhanced long-term Android security support.

Upgrade to ‘Smart COMPASS Complete’ which includes all of the above, plus Smart Essentials Enterprise Mobility Intelligence® suite, giving you real-time visibility into the health and performance of your device and battery estate in the field.

Want to know more?

COMPASS Security is just one part of the Complete Android Services and Security suite. It’s everything your business needs to deploy and manage your Panasonic rugged Android devices.

For more information on COMPASS Security, or any of the other COMPASS tools, please contact us.


® Enterprise Mobility Intelligence is a Registered Trademark of B2M Solutions