Études de cas

Panasonic a développé des solutions adaptées à l'univers du Broadcast ProAv ainsi qu'à l'industrie Médicale. Découvrez les études de cas que nous avons réalisés.

Catégorie: Broadcast & ProAV
* FreeD is a widely used protocol for transmitting camera tracking information in AR/VR systems. The AW-UE150W/K and the AW-UE100W/K transmit the pan, tilt, zoom and focus information that are required for compositing with AR/VR.
Panasonic 4K PTZ cameras help the Royal Society continue pioneering work in live streaming
Panasonic AW-HN40 PTZ camera system at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral used to live stream.
Catégorie: Broadcast & ProAV
Mediapro is using Panasonic KAIROS, the next generation live production platform, to produce coverage of eLaLiga Santander, the official tournament of FIFA 21 in Spain.