Études de cas

Panasonic a développé des solutions adaptées à l'univers du Broadcast ProAv ainsi qu'à l'industrie Médicale. Découvrez les études de cas que nous avons réalisés.

Catégorie: Broadcast & ProAV
The migration of grey geese that travel in huge flocks from the Arctic is a breathtaking and magnificent spectacle of nature. Their journey of thousands of miles starts in northern Eurasia and takes them many weeks, after which they eventually reach their destination: Western Poland.
Catégorie: Broadcast & ProAV
Corporate film company, Wise Guys, has taken on the EVA1, Panasonic’s latest compact cinema camera, to streamline its production process, so it is now able to use just one camera for all its filming needs.
Catégorie: Broadcast & ProAV
Director of Photography Kate Reid brings the VariCam 35 on set to shoot the second series of critically-acclaimed ITV police drama Marcella.
Catégorie: Broadcast & ProAV, Projectors, Professional displays
Secteurs: Europe, Education, University & College
Edge Hill University implements a lecture capture solution with Panasonic technology and Panopto software in a flexible graduation space.