Études de cas

Panasonic a développé des solutions adaptées à l'univers du Broadcast ProAv ainsi qu'à l'industrie Médicale. Découvrez les études de cas que nous avons réalisés.

Catégorie: Broadcast & ProAV
Secteurs: Europe, Broadcast, Broadcast, Production

Panasonic Celebrates a Century of Ideas

Catégorie: Broadcast & ProAV
Panasonic has been producing electronics for 100 years and produced their first broadcast camera in 1963. Here, Zerb traces the history of the company with a focus on their pioneering work in the AV and Broadcast industry.

On the trail of the elusive Snow Leopard with Varicam

Secteurs: Broadcast, Production, Freelancer & DOP
ADVERTORIAL: Hector Skevington-Postles had the task of filming the elusive snow leopard for the BBC series Big Cats. Find out how he used Panasonic's Varicam to capture the camouflaged cats in their natural habitat. First published in Zerb, the journal of the Guild of Television Camera Professional (GTC)
Catégorie: Broadcast & ProAV
Secteurs: Europe
The VariCam Pure has been selected as one of the primary cameras on 'Crazy Rich Asians' a romantic comedy-drama film set to be a global hit.
Secteurs: Broadcast, Education
Versatile and robust: the VariCam LT is being used in lessons at the Georg-Simon-Ohm Vocational College in Cologne